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Effective shower repairs in Melbourne

Does your shower head drip and leak hours after you’ve turned your shower off? Or maybe water seeps out of your enclosure onto the floor, causing damage to your walls and skirting boards? No matter what your shower problems may be, the experts at Trade-Edge are more than prepared to take them on.

Shower repairs - servicing all of Melbourne

Whether your shower leak has gradually gotten worse over time, or a severe leak has just presented itself, it’s important to take care of it as quickly as possible. By repairing your shower leak early, you can prevent the need for more costly repairs of tiling, shower enclosures and the surrounding walls and flooring.

If your leak is being caused by your enclosure or shower base, our team can also take care of this for you. By resealing your shower grout and base, we can put a stop to your leak to prevent clean-ups every time you use the shower. Get your shower leak fixed today by calling Trade-Edge on 1300 334 300  we service all of Melbourne.

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Water saving shower heads

Are you looking for a new shower head to replace your existing unit? At Trade-Edge, we supply and install a wide variety of water saving shower heads to suit a range of different budgets.

Designed with eco-saving technology, our water saving shower heads aren’t just good for the planet, they can also save you money on your water bills.

To find out more about our shower repairs and water saving shower heads, call our friendly team today on

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