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Emergency Blocked Drains Services in Preston

At Trade-Edge Pty Ltd, we understand that drain blockages can be extremely inconvenient. If you have got a blocked drain in your residential, commercial or industrial property and want it taken care of fast, get in touch with our expert team today on 0408 651 969  - we provide a 24/7 emergency blocked drains services - servicing all of Melbourne.

State-of-the-art drain clearing equipment

We offer a prompt, courteous reliable service; we are the blocked drains specialists servicing all areas of Melbourne. Our mission is to provide a high-quality and productive drain cleaning service in an environmentally friendly manner. We specialise in pipe and drain cleaning using the latest equipment. Our entire sewer pipe cleaning staff are highly qualified. To suit you, regular pre-planned drain cleaning maintenance programs are designed to reduce emergency drain repairs, call-outs and expensive renovation. 

To ensure that we clear your drains as quickly and safely as possible, we use the ROCAM 3 Multimedia. Fully equipped with photo and video recording equipment, a 4x zoom and the ability to work in confined spaces, the ROCAM 3 Multimedia allows us to detect and solve all your blocked drain issues fast.

We also implement high pressure water-jetting, this efficient form of drain cleaning flushes the stoppage in the waste pipe and sewer drain out of the system, using a concentration of high water pressure. It is also effective for cutting and removing tree roots from within the pipe system, this form of pipe cleaning is safe enough to be used in both plastic and earthen ware systems, old and new.

You tell us, what, when and where you would like us to work and we just get on with it. We know you’ll find our service is second to none. Being at the fore-front of the industry in specialised drainage techniques and technology means that here at Trade-Edge we always have the best tools for the job. We it comes to blocked or troublesome drains Trade-Edge for drains is all you need to know. Our qualified tradesmen are friendly enthusiastic about their work and know what they’re on about. They use the most powerful advanced technology and equipment to do their job. 

Domestic drain clearing

There’s never a good time for a drain blockage to occur. Whether it’s a drain in your shower or a drain outside your property, it’s always extremely frustrating.

In these situations, it’s important not to let the problem persist, as blockages can soon lead to far more costly leaks and floods. To take care of your drain blockage fast, call our 24/7 emergency team today on  0408 651 969.

Blocked drains always seem to happen at the worst time and bring normal activities in your household to a standstill. Naturally you want the problem dealt with immediately- don’t stress just call Trade-Edge. Thanks to our 24 hour emergency call out service and also our team of expert tradesmen, your blocked drain will be unblocked properly and professionally, whatever the time, day or night. 

Call us on 1300 334 300 today!

Tool for emergency blocked drains services in Preston

Commercial and industrial drain clearing

At Trade-Edge Pty Ltd, we believe that preventative plumbing maintenance is the most cost-effective way to ensure the longevity of your plumbing system.

That’s why more and more organisations are choosing Trade-Edge Pty Ltd to carry out regular drain cleaning services to ensure that any future problems can be caught and cleared before they become a real issue.

Commercial pipe and drain cleaning; more and more organisations are choosing to keep ahead of the game with trade-edge pre-planned drainage maintenance program. It means that your drains get cleaned and checked out regularly, so that any issues can be resolved before they turn into major problems. Extremely tidy in our approach we will also give you useful information to help you prevent having further stoppages in the drain pipes.

rocam drain clearing

CCTV Rothenberger ROCAM® 3

The latest Inspection camera for pipes from Ø 50 up to 150 mm and/or from Ø 150 up to 300 mm.


For more information about our high-quality drain cleaning services, call our friendly team today on

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