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High-quality plumbing and gas fitting services in Melbourne

Reliable plumbing services - servicing all of Melbourne

At Trade-Edge we have built a reputation for quality, service and total customer satisfaction. Leaders in the Plumbing and gas fitting industry we provide a prompt and efficient service to ensure that the four things people can't do without (sewer, hot water, cold water and gas) are delivered and keep working. Our service is flexible and customised to meet your needs whatever your requirements. We have a passion for the job and attention to detail including our business values which in turn insures customer satisfaction. Our qualified tradesman can help you with all aspects of your plumbing and gas-fitting requirements ensuring a professional diagnosis and repair. If you require assistance on any emergencies make us your first choice, our priority is to deliver quality and service. 

A licensed plumber is a skilled professional who holds an important role in ensuring the health and well being of society.

We are experienced plumbers and gas fitters in Melbourne providing services throughout all areas of Melbourne and also including country areas. We make essential services work for you with fresh creative solutions and ideas with an exceptional approach. We provide a great hassle free service and an upfront professional approach. Our customers can count on us because the company can count on you. We provide superior customer service with highly trained and certified technicians. We keep up to date on the latest technology in order to make the best recommendation to our customers. Our business growth and success is due to quality in workmanship and a better class of service, the right help the right way. We are also registered and licensed with the following credentials; Advanced Gas Certificate also Advanced Certificate in Plumbing and Business Management. Our experience plumbers can get to you fast and repair your property services. If you require assistance please feel free to contact us. If you have an emergency outside business hours, we do that to. We are Australian plumbers helping the Australian community.
At Trade-Edge Pty Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality plumbing and gas fitting services and we can also help with:
  • Complete hot water solutions
  • All water and gas leaks
  • Waste pipe and sewerage drain blockages
  • High-pressure pipe and drain cleaning
  • Pipe and drain CCTV camera inspection
  • Roof leaks
  • Gas and carbon monoxide testing
  • Mini excavation works
  • Mini concrete cutting works
  • High water pressure drain cleaning services
  • Clogged pipes and drains
  • Drain camera inspection and reports
  • Hot water repairs and changeovers
  • Gas and water pipe work leaks
  • Sewer, hot, cold water and gas maintenance
  • Gas appliance servicing, repairs and replacements
  • Carbon monoxide appliance safety check
  • Leak detection service
  • Backflow system testing
  • Roof and gutter leaks
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodelling
  • All aspects of plumbing and gas fitting
  • Property pre-purchased plumbing and gas fitting inspection service
  • Complete domestic, commercial and industrial assistant
  • 24-hour emergency response service
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Prevention is the best policy; Trade-edge offers an annual plumbing and gas fitting program. Each year a qualified technician will perform an inspection to look for everything from dripping kitchen and bathroom taps, to leaking drains that can cause your home’s foundation to shift or crack it is a program that specifically ensures your home’s plumbing and gas fitting at work is operating correctly and safely at peak efficiency.

Plumbing maintenance

maintenance plumbing

We’re committed to making plumbing systems last as long as possible.

Not only does this save you money on new systems, it also saves you the costly repairs of potential leaks and other damages.

Take a look at our high-quality plumbing maintenance services below.

  • Hot and cold water pipes
  • Waste pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Roofs, gutters and downpipes
  • Taps, toilets and cisterns
  • Blocked drains and pipes

Gas fitting

gas burner

We also offer an excellent range of high-quality gas fitting services for commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout Melbourne, including:

  • Gas service, repairs and installation of any gas appliance
  • Gas fitting for caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers
  • Gas conversions

General plumbing

general plumbing

We provide a comprehensive range of general plumbing services across Melbourne, including:

  • Drainage
  • Gas fitting
  • Irrigation
  • Mechanical services
  • Roofing
  • Stormwater
  • Sanitary
  • Water supply
  • Hydrants and hose reels
  • Gas disconnections and reconnections
  • Solid fuel heaters
  • Duct fixing
  • Split systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Refrigerated air conditioning

Specialised services

specialised plumbing

We also provide an excellent range of specialised services, including:

  • Electronic leak detection
  • Drain location and inspection
  • No dig pipe and drain repairs
  • Backflow water device testing and installations
  • Type A gas conversations
  • Pre-purchase property drain inspections

For more information about any of our services, or for a free quote, call our friendly team today on

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