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By Website Team Technicians 08 Dec, 2016
Here at Trade-Edge we assist you in keeping your properties infrastructure working day or night. The four things people can’t do without is cold and hot water, gas and sewer. We are fully licensed and qualified with experience that goes back years to carry out temporary and or permanent repairs to your plumbing and gas fitting services. We also purchase our stock and products in bulk and therefore are able to pass on the savings to you, our valued customer. If it’s a new hot water heater you require or you have a stoppage in your drainage system, go ahead and try us out and be assured that you’re in the right hands with the right help. Our simple and straight forward philosophy is being up front and honest with the customer. 
By Website Team Technicians 23 Nov, 2016

Water Use and You - Water use means the amount of water used by a household or the amount used for a given task or for the production of a given quantity of some product or food crop. The term "Water Footprint" is often used to refer to the amount of water used by an individual, community, businesses or nation.

The total "Water Footprint" of a typical 3 or 4 person household is approximately 23,360 litres. By comparison a typical single person household may use approximately 262 litres of water per day. This includes toilet use, washing machine use, showers, baths, hand tap use and leaks.


Water Leaks and You - Did you know water leaks can have a dramatic effect on your water bill. Even a small leak can result in the loss of thousands of litres of water and you will be shocked with the increase on your water bill. Also leaking toilets alone can waste up to approximately 73,500 litres of water per calendar year. If you have and or suspect a leak, call your local plumber and they can determine the cause of the leak and carry out the repairs.


So get your Tradesman to help you…

Alex - 0408 651 969


By Website Team Technicians 23 Nov, 2016
Gas Safety Compliance and You - we all have a Gas appliance in which we heavily depend on, so why not keep it in good working order?
You may be aware of the dangers involved with carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas appliances, through lack of servicing.
Energy Safe Victoria recommends all gas appliances should be serviced every two years by a licensed gas fitter to make sure they are safe and maintained. A licensed gas fitter will carry a carbon monoxide monitor and will be able to detect any foreign burnt gases.
It is recommended all gas appliances in your home should regularly be serviced to ensure they are not potentially dangerous and harmful to the health of your family.

Carbon Monoxide is found in faulty appliances caused by a lack of maintenance and breakdown faults. The only way to know if the appliance is faulty is through servicing and a safety check; flues and or heat exchangers may be cracked leaking harmful gases into occupied areas. Also the burner may not be working efficiently and therefore the appliance will cost more to run. When an appliance is regularly serviced it prevents wear and tear ex: If a fan in a heater is full of foreign matter its efficiency of moving heat from within the appliance into the room is dramatically reduced and may cause damage to the heater.

Carbon Monoxide safety levels
0 Parts per million – desirable level
9 Parts per million – maximum exposure for 8 hour period
35 Parts per million – maximum exposure for a 1 hour period
400 Parts per million – frontal headaches 1 to 2 hours, life
threatening after 3 hours
800 Parts per million – nausea and convulsions, death within 2 hours
1,600 Parts per million, nausea within 20 minutes, death within 1
12,800 Parts per million – death within 1 to 3 minutes

So get your Tradesman to help you…
Alex - 0408 651 969
By Website Team Technicians 22 Nov, 2016
Water Heaters and You – It is almost that time of the year again where most of us go off for rest and recovery. So where does your gas appliances fit into that planning - particularly your Hot Water Heater?

Water Heaters in the Home - Some homes have storage water heaters and some have instantaneous water heaters. A storage heater is one that holds a particular amount of water in its cylinder in which it heats and reheats as its cools, whether it’s used or not. On the other hand an instantaneous water heater will only produce hot water as required.

Appliance setting - For those who have a gas storage water heater installed its good practice to reduce the temperature setting before leaving on holidays. To do so you need to access the gas control by removing the door panel on your water heater. The gas control of the heater has a temperature dial either in front or on top of the gas control depending on the model and should be turned down to either the “vacation setting” or the “lowest number setting”. The reason for this allows the water heater to maintain a luke warm temperature minimising gas use whilst your away. Therefore the water can be reheated quickly when you turn up the temperature dial again upon your return.

Appliance Maintenance – Another thing to consider is to have your water heater serviced by a qualified gas fitter. This in turn will maintain a good working burner operation and allowing the water heater to work more efficient and therefore using less gas in the long run.

So get your Tradesman to help you…
Alex - 0408 651 969
By Website Team Technicians 21 Nov, 2016

GAS SAFETY COMPLIANCE PROGRAM AND YOU: You may be aware of the dangers with Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas appliances through lack of servicing. The TRADE-EDGE GAS SAFETY PROGRAM is to ensure that all owners are aware of the dangers and provided with adequate information and also to receive the service we provide. All work we do for you is 100% tax deductible. You can book us by simply calling 1300 334 300, TRADE-EDGE (plumbing & gas-fitting) does provide this program as an additional service to clients and thus further helping the clients properly manage their properties.


GAS SAFETY COMPLIANCE PROGRAM AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: We cannot take our gas appliance for granted as safe. The normal wear and tear as well as effects of the combustion process affect the operation of our appliances. You should get your gas heater serviced once a year by a licensed gas-fitter and they will also carry out a safety inspection. A licensed gas-fitter has the required safety qualifications to carry out gas work at your premises.


RENTING, TENANTS AND LANDLORDS: All gas heaters should be serviced annually. A heater service is the best way to ensure it works safely and efficiently. It guards against increased heating costs and reduces the possibility of breakdown. Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that the gas installation in the house or apartment unit shall be maintained in good repair and in safe working order.


WHY SHOULD I SERVICE MY GAS HEATER: As with all heating appliances your gas heater needs to be services once a year to ensure its operating efficiently and safely. An efficient heater is more environmentally friendly leading to lower gas consumption therefore lowering your bills. The safety aspect is even more crucial as a regularly serviced heater will operate safely. ie - the gas will burn correctly reducing the risk of omissions such as poisonous carbon monoxide and or production of soot.


WHO SHOULD SERVICE MY GAS HEATER: It is illegal for anybody other than a qualified gas-fitter to service your heater. Your gas heater should only by serviced by a qualified technician who will have the required competency and experience to deal with the servicing repair and set up of gas appliances. They will also check if the heater is correctly installed and operating in a suitable environment.


So get your Tradesman to help you…

Alex - 1300 334 300 or 0408 651 969


By Website Team Technicians 20 Nov, 2016

Trade-Edge Melbourne provides a 24 hour emergency response service. If you smell gas call Trade-Edge immediately. Don't assume someone else has reported the gas escape. Gas line repairs can't be postponed; a gas line is potentially dangerous and needs to be resolved quickly. Additionally this repair work requires you to hire a licensed gas-fitter. It is imperative that gas work, installation, re-fitting and all other aspects are done by qualified professional gas-fitting contractors.


Leaking Gas can lead to asphyxiation and dangerous explosion. Luckily commercial gases such as a gas stove or heater that operate on this supply have a strong odour added so that leaks can be more easily detected by home owners. If you smell a gas leak in your home you need to act quickly; contact Trade-Edge now on 1300 334 300.



Whether it is gas line installation for a new gas stove or installing gas heating Trade-Edge is the right choice for your gas piping needs.



Trade-Edge offers an annual plumbing and gas-fitting program. Each year a qualified technician will perform an inspection to look for everything from dripping kitchen and bathroom taps to leaking drains that can cause your homes foundation to shift or crack. It is a program that ensures your homes plumbing and gas-fitting network is operating safely and at peak efficiency.


So get your Tradesman to help you

Alex - 0408 651 969


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