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24/7 Emergency gas fitting services in Melbourne

Do you smell gas somewhere in your home? Are you worried that it could be posing a fire risk to you and your family? If so, don’t hesitate. Call our friendly team immediately on 0408 651 969 and we’ll send one of our gas fitting experts out to take a look as quickly as possible.

Emergency gas fitting services and repairs - we service all of Melbourne

At Trade-Edge Pty Ltd, we provide 24/7 emergency gas fitting services, gas fitting repairs and gas line repairs for residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout Melbourne. If you think there’s even the slightest possibility that you smell gas, act quickly and call our team on 0408 651 969. We’ll help to talk you through the situation over the phone, sending someone out to take a look as soon as possible to help ensure the safety of everyone in the area. In commercial and industrial environments, it can be easy to assume that someone else has already noticed the smell of gas and notified somebody. For the safety of yourself and everyone else on-site, make your manager aware and call Trade-Edge Pty Ltd on 0408 651 969 for an emergency response.

Your gas line repairs and installation gas escape; trade-edge in Melbourne provides a 24 emergency response service. If you smell gas call Trade-Edge immediately, don’t assume someone else has reported the gas escape. Gas line repairs can’t postponed a gas line is potentially dangerous and needs to be resolved quickly additionally this repair work requires you to hire a licensed gas fitter. It is imperative that gas work, installation, re-fitting and all other aspects are done by qualified professional gas-fitting contractors. Leaking gas can lead to asphyxiation and dangerous explosion. Luckily commercial gases such as a gas stove or heater that operate on this supply have a strong odor added so leaks can easily be detected by home-owners. If you smell gas in your home you need to act quickly, contact Trade-Edge today on 1300 334 300.

Gas line installation whether it is a gas line installation for a new stove or installing gas heating Trade-Edge is the right choice for your gas piping needs.

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Prevention is the best policy

To ensure that your property is safe all year round, enquire about our annual plumbing and gas fitting program.

Every year, we’ll send round a qualified technician at a convenient time to suit you, carrying out a comprehensive service of your system to keep it operating safely and efficiently.


For emergency gas fitting repairs in Melbourne, call our friendly team now on

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